50+ DIY Backyard Ideas for your Home

 The summer months are the perfect time for taking in all things outdoors and in the sun. It's the perfect time to host backyard barbecues, family picnics and plenty of relaxing in a hammock. There's no need for to have a zip code located in the Hamptons or an oceanfront home situated in Big Sur to create your private paradise that is that is worthy of being featured in a magazine cover; all you require is old-fashioned DIY inspiration and of course, this practical and up-to-date guide!

The following 50+ backyard DIY projects aren't just easy to complete, but can be truly enjoyable outdoor activities. From recycled patio furniture to handmade hanging lights and even an custom-built fireplace one or two backyard DIY projects are certain to be awe-inspiring and will also garner plenty of praises from your neighbors and friends. With a wide range of materials available-a lot of which you might already have in your home-and endless possibilities, it's best time to start making memories in the right way: stylishly.

1. DIY Horizontal Slat Privacy Fence

Source: freshmommyblog.com

An privacy fence could be a an amazing landscape for your yard. This horizontal slat fence has high, stained wood fence panels, stunning plants, and string lights. It's the ideal addition to any outdoor space , to not only provide privacy, but also to add character and a sense of style. It is also possible to save lots of money building your own in addition to saving on maintaining your landscaping.

2. DIY Privacy Screens to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Source: craftedbythehunts.com

The feeling of having a bit of privacy particularly in your backyard, can help you relax and feel is a way to keep yourself from the world. While a fence might assist in breaking down the barriers but a privacy wall can be a cost-effective option and is built using just a few components. This stunning privacy wall of wood is warm and, with addition of planters the wall gives the impression of a small oasis.

3. A unique and creative stock tank backyard pool

Source: sunwovenstudio.com

Enjoy the summer heat with this unique, stunning storage tank. Stock tank pools are an essentially a circular galvanized steel pool. They're a great and cost-effective way to install an outdoor pool without the trouble. They also don't occupy any space and can be placed on a deckor patio or simply put in your backyard. You could even add a fresh painting job that matches the decor of your outdoor space. The pool has the rustic, homey vibe that we have all come to love.

4. A serene solar Fountain on budget

Source: ramshackleglam.com

Create a water feature by hand to provide your backyard with a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Water features can transform your outdoor space to create a beautiful warm and inviting feel. Because ponds and fountains can cost quite a bit and expensive, this is an excellent way to save money that you can make yourself. This amazing and unique solar fountain is sure to make you feel as if you're enjoying a holiday every whenever you go outside.

5. DIY Wooden Garden Hose Stand

Source: sawdustsisters.com

Your garden hose can be hung stylishly with this unique and practical holder. An outdoor hose will be a vital accessory for any outdoor space whether you're watering your garden or lawn or spraying the driveway, or cleaning your vehicle. This easy DIY garden hose stand can keep your hose organized in a safe place throughout the year.

6. Gorgeous DIY Wooden Gate Project

Source: twofeetfirst.net

There is nothing more memorable in the garden than a gate leading you straight to it. Garden gates are a great way to welcome your guests to your backyard without having to open your front entrance. If you want to hide an unsightly part of your backyard, or close your backyard with a fence or make an entry point with a wooden gate, it is the ideal DIY backyard project.

7. A simple DIY Pergola swing to your patio

Source: singlegirlsdiy.com

There is something so soothing and elegant about having an outdoor pergola. It is a simple project which you can build with reclaimed wood or recycled wood, making it an affordable, yet beautiful project. This free-standing pergola to your patio is equipped with the swing that creates a space that is tranquil and relaxing. You can leave your pergola as it is to create a minimalist appearance or embellish it with some potted plants to give it an element of colour.

8. A Gravel Patio that's Simple and affordable

Source: goldcoastcanvasdesigns.com

Finding a low-cost patio option can be a challenge as well as time-consuming and costly however it doesn't have to be. This stunning patio was constructed in just a few hours and includes gravel, not the typical pavers or cement that we've seen. It is possible to save a lot of money by using gravel instead of conventional patio materials, making this DIY project much more attractive. The addition of lumber around the gravel provides a stylish and distinctive look to the area and makes the appearance higher-end without the cost.

9. An Outdoor Paver Patio for the entire family to Enjoy

Source: mrbuilditandmrsstyleit.com

A warm summer means plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the sun and having fun with family and friends. A backyard patio is a project that everyone can enjoy. Although this is a complex project, with just some help you can make this similar beautiful outdoor space. The fireplace made of stone and the floating benches made of wood are a plus to this cozy and comfortable area.

10. Charming and Cozy Fireplace Pit Patio Feature

Source: recapturedcharm.com

Fire pits are an excellent method to add character as well as coziness and tranquility in your outdoor space. They don't require lots of space to make this cozy space. Decide on the shape you'd like for your patio to take and you're on the way to creating an ideal fire pit that won't take a great deal of money or time to construct yourself. Sooner or later all of your friends and family will sit by the around the fire sharing stories while roasting marshmallows.

11. Make your own Rustic Rock Firepit

Source: grecodesigncompany.com

It doesn't matter if you'd like to cook your meals over an open flame, or curl by it with blankets in the cold winter evening fire pits are a wonderful feature for your outdoor space. This rustic firepit is an easy DIY project that required stones from around the home, concrete mix, water and trowel. Once you have decided on the shape you'd like to see your firepit take decide on the size you'd like it to be and begin building!

12. A weatherproof outdoor chalkboard that the Children Will Enjoy

Source: gina-michele.com

What child wouldn't be thrilled with an outdoor chalkboard similar to this one? This weatherproof and durable outdoor chalkboard was constructed using the help of a wooden stand as well as the sandbox it was already in the backyard. This is an excellent way to increase the height of any space in your backyard. You can even fix the fence to it to make it even more simple. Include a hook as well as a cup to place the chalk, and let your kids make amazing art within their yard.

13. Make Your Backyard a new place to be by adding the Patio

Source: thestonehead.com

Let your backyard come to life with a new patio by yourself. It is possible to build your own patio accomplished on a limited budget, and with just two easy steps. Enjoy your lawn and transform it into a space that you can take a break, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Do not fret if the space isn't enough. A small patio can deliver powerful punch in terms of making improvements and improving the outdoor area.

14. A super simple DIY Wire Trellis

Source: earthfoodandfire.com

Trellises can be a fantastic accessory for any backyard. They can be used to help train and support plants, to create an privacy wall, or just give a unique and stylish look in your backyard. They're also great for saving space or focal elements. While you can make use of many different materials for this DIY project the wire trellis is constructed with fencing post and galvanized steel wire.

15. A Stunning Patio Paver Area You Can Do Yourself

Source: thisfrugalflippinglife.com

Are you looking to build an outdoor patio made of paver? This low-cost, simple maintenance project can be made with a range of materials. The stunning patio is made of stones, which are much more simple to lay than concrete and has the same appearance. There are many ideas for design in the design of your outdoor space, including putting the table and chairs over it for gatherings with family, or including a fireplace made of stone to cool nights in the sun, or both.

16. Backyard Getaway Pergola Project

Source: thatswhatchesaid.net

The backyard builder you trust will be able to build this gorgeous pergola to your backyard. The elegant design of the pergola add elegance to your backyard and offer an ideal area for a dining table or a shaded seating space. A pergola can make your backyard a stunning focus and wow your guests.

17. Caribbean Blue Crochet Hammock

Source: ehow.com

It's a lot simpler than it appears to be to create a crocheted hammock seat. You'll need dowels, macrame cable, rope, and a few basic tools for woodworking. Macrame is like knitting, however you work with your hands. This chair is a an airy, comfortable spot to relax and enjoy your garden.

18. The rustic Druidic Fire Pit DIY

Source: goodshomedesign.com

The construction of a fire pit is a simple process that can be completed in six simple steps. All you require is a hole that has been dug out in your backyard and the fire-bricks, gravel and paver stones. This project for a fire pit can be completed within the span of a weekend. To protect yourself ensure that you have cleared the grass around the fire pit. You can enjoy your fire pit with S'mores during a cold night.

19. Cedar & Cement Garden Bench

Source: ehow.com

You can build this elegant and basic outdoor bench using four x four wood posts. Make the sides of the bench with the help of concrete adhesive. Then paint the block. Sand the wood, and put it into the holes of the block cinder. This bench is perfect for your patio or by the poolside.

20. Summer Splendor Awning Style Canopy

Source: thecreatedhome.com

The gorgeous awning-style canopy is lit by elegant globe lights and candles. The canopy is a focal point to your backyard , and also provides an ideal spot to relax and enjoy an outdoor meal together with guests. The canopy is affixed to your home for security. The elegant curtains on the sides give the canopy an extra touch of elegance.

21. Lawn Party Elegant Table Complete with Inlaid Icebox

Source: remodelaholic.com

The table is awe-inspiring and has an amazing feature that is built-in ice containers. The guests are able to grab drinks without having to climb up from the table. There are covers available for ice containers so that it is possible to use the table as a standalone. The table is equipped with two benches that can be used for seating.

22. Floating Island Outdoor Deck

Source: poppytalk.com

Create a shaded oasis in your yard by planting trees by constructing the island deck. This is a straightforward project for the experienced woodworker. It's a wonderful spot to place flowers and also a comfy cushion to relax and dream away the day. This innovative idea will make your backyard stand out from the rest of the world.

23. Route To Rome Stone Walkway

The source is budget101.com

Make use of concrete molds in the home improvement stores to design your own unique pavers. These stones are beautiful historic look that harks back to the past. It is possible to put the paving stones by pouring concrete on them before leveling it and lifting it carefully off.

24. DIY Stone Serenity Pond

Source: ohmy-creative.com

Add some flair to your garden by relaxing the view and the sound of water flowing. You can construct an DIY pond in your backyard by using a small pond liner. The sides of the pond with fieldstone , and create the appearance of a waterfall. Then surround your pond with gorgeous landscaping. Your new pond will create an amazing addition for your garden.

25. The Sailor's Knot Rope Seats

Source: stylemepretty.com

Old tires can be transformed into comfortable outdoor ottomans. Wrap the tires in rope to create an outdoor seating area, and then tie rope around them to create an attractive, nautical appearance. This is an excellent idea to make use of things that are taking up the garage.

26. Midsummer Night Fairy Garden

Source: alannageorge.com

Create this beautiful fairy garden with an over-sized planter. This is a great idea to make with your child. You can find a mini playground bench small food dish for birds, a few stones, and an abundance of stunning flowers. Your child can decide what to plant out to attract fairy-tale fairies.

27. Gardener's Helper, Planter Box and Hose Holder

Source: diycandy.com

This beautiful wooden planter conceals the garden hose that is coiled. It is space-saving and far more appealing than a hose winder made from plastic. The hinged door at the front is opened to allow the hose for use. There is a hole on the back of the hose for the hose's final section which connects with the outdoor spigot.

28. Country Cosmos Handmade Grapevine Balls

Source: lynneknowlton.com

Grapevine balls are an elegant option to put fairy lights up in your backyard. Grapevine is relatively easy to make at home. All you have be able to accomplish is to soften the grapevine with water and then bend it into the shape you desire. Make an enormous ball, then wrap it in lights. Place the grapevine balls on trees for a fun and fashionable appearance.

29. Freestanding Circular Stone Island

Source: recapturedcharm.com

A backyard patio does not need to be difficult. This project features an eye-catching, unusual shape that adds visual interest for your garden. Create a circular space for your patio . Add the paving stones. Then, surround the stones using gravel. Include chairs and an outdoor fire pit to create an inviting seating area.

30. Picturesque Outdoor Planter "Lamp Posts"

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

Make use of barrel planters in an innovative method of placing "lamp posts" inside the. Hang stunning flowering baskets on the posts and then make sure to fill the planters' bottoms with perennials. The posts could be placed on the edges of your patio, and create a barrier between the lawn and it.

31. Planted Poetry Garden Wall Lettering

Source: greenprophet.com

Moss letters are sprouting on the brick walls in this backyard. This project is sure to leave everyone wondering how you managed it. Choose a sunny and cool area to plant your moss letter. Create a moss mix using sugar, alcohol and moss. Apply it to your wall using the shapes you would like to see in. This design will certainly be noticed.

32. Joshua Tree Fire Pit Corner

Source: houzz.com

The contemporary bench is wrapped around the edge of a fire pit made of stone. The geometric design provides your garden with a chic upgrade. The same stone that you used for your fire pit you can construct foundations to support your benches. Put lighting underneath the benches for a stunning design and additional security at night.

33. Tuscan Shelter Slide-Wire Casing

Source: sailrite.com

A nice addition to the simple pergola made of wood, this one incorporates wires to enable you to put a canopy of cloth in place to provide shade. The canopy is made of sail fabric or a durable outdoor fabric. The canopy will add worth to the pergola, making it a much more welcoming place to relax on an afternoon with a sun-kissed view.

34. Planted Posy Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Source: spruceyournest.blogspot.com

This simple project can add an umbrella shade to a barley barrel gardener. The only thing you have to do is put concrete into the bottom of the planter and then attach your umbrella stand. This planter with an umbrella provides your garden a shaded space for sitting where you can sit and relax without exposing yourself to too excessive sunlight.

35. Bourgeois-On-A-Budget Solar Light Chandelier

Source: divaofdiy.com

The chandelier is made from upcycled materials and uses solar light bulbs instead of bulbs purchased from the dollar store. You don't need to tackle electrical cables or candles when using solar lighting to illuminate your chandelier. Just take the wires off and then secure solar lights to the place where bulbs were. The chandelier you have installed will create beautiful nighttime decorations to your garden.

36. Petite Treeless Tree House

Source: madewithhappy.com

There is no need for trees to build the most cute "treehouse" that you can allow your kids to enjoy. Set your "treehouse" on an elevated platform instead. Paint the inside of the house to create a festive look and then put brightly striped curtains on the front. The playhouse is beautiful and will keep the kids entertained all summer long.

37. DIY crafter's Hammock Stand

Source: herecomesthesunblog.net

If there aren't any any trees that you can hang your hammock, you can build this simple diy hammock stand. Any woodworker who can make it at home is able to complete this task. The stand is constructed from 2 x 4s to make a cheap strong construction. The design is as elegant as those that are sold in the stores but at less than half the cost.

38. Corner Jardin Pea Gravel Patio

Source: cityfarmhouse.com

Instead of digging up the space to make a gravel patio, simply put weed block fabric on the area you want to protect. This makes building a patio more simple and accelerates your project to allow you to take advantage of your new backyard. You can add an outdoor grill, chairs and a table to create an elegant dining space.

39. Chevron Patterned Wooden Piecework Box

Source: stuffsethmakes.com

Make use of different types of upcycled wood to create these chevron-patterned planter boxes. Paint the wood before making the box or leave it as it is to add a rustic look. These boxes are a wonderful alternative to traditional wooden planter boxes sold at the home improvement stores.

40. Fashionable Grecian Urn Style Plant Stands

Source: 100things2do.stfi.re

Utilize wooden stands to alter the appearance of basic resin planters purchased at the home improvement stores. For a more stylish look paint the planter's feet with the same color like the color of the resin. Create two planters of different heights to create a striking visual. Then fill them with stunning blooms.

41. Cottage Garden Planter's Stand

Source: buildsomething.com

If you're in need of an outdoor planter's stand, build this simple DIY model at your home. This planter comes made in a charming and sweet cottage style that will complement the design of your backyard. This is a useful addition to your garden. It's a great tool to pot flowers. It is also useful for outdoor food preparation as well as serving plates.

42. Stringing Night Lights Outdoor Poles

Source: cityfarmhouse.com

It's easy to install lighting poles in planters. This easy trick will give your backyard a beautiful look all day and night. Lighting for your garden is fashionable and will make your guests feel relaxed. Consider accentuating your seating space by using these lights poles. There are many types of lighting including simple light bulbs to globes.

43. Beautiful and Shabby handwoven burlap Lampshades

Source: theartofdoingstuff.com

Create your own burlap lampshade to bring an element of the shabby chic style outdoors. All you have to find is an unfinished square basket, possibly an old wastebasket or lamp shade that you want to reuse. The basket should be covered with burlap strips that are woven for an adorable and beautiful appearance.

44. Big Sur Style Fire Pit

Source: abeautifulmess.com

The classic fire pit is simple to build over the course of the span of a weekend. Make use of a fire pit made of metal rings and cover it with basic paver stones. Explore different designs of paver stones to make this appearance your personal. This will create a secure and attractive fire pit that can be the center of your backyard in the cool evenings of summer.

45. Stripped Down Steamer-Style Outdoor Trunk

Source: build-basic.com

The stylish louvered-style deck box will give your backyard a touch elegantness while holding everything you need for your backyard. It's perfect for pool cushions or garden accessories, as well as toys. A skilled woodworker will be capable of putting this project together in a weekend. It is possible to stain or paint it to create the style you like.

46. Yard Yacht DIY Wire Railing

Source: bloglovin.com

Give your deck railings an update to nautical by installing the wire-railing. It's an easy method to bring a modern look to your deck, while also providing an attractive railing that's safe enough for pets and children. Just drill holes into the posts of your deck to run your wire. Paint it with a fresh layer of varnish and you'll be prepared for the summer season.

47. DIY Pacific Patio Pool

Source: astrollthrulife.net

This unique idea will give your garden an exciting new look. Make use of a large tub made of metal at the farm store to build your pool. Include a filtering system behind the fence to create an attractive waterfall sound. This small pool is perfect to cool off during a scorching summer afternoon.

48. Personal Cabana On Wheels Bar Wooden

Source: thatsmyletter.blogspot.com

A bar cart for your outdoor space is a must-have feature for your outdoor patio. It is possible to purchase one, however it's more cost-effective and enjoyable to make your own. You can also include cool features such as an icebox covered for cold drinks. This cart could also be the perfect place to keep food items while grilling to serve your friends.

50. Simple and nostalgic DIY Rope-Swing

Source: themerrythought.com

Create this classic swing for your child to your backyard. It's simple using the use of a few tools. You can drill holes into the seat to allow for the rope, then put the swing on the limb of a sturdy tree. The swing will provide your children a simple method to play in the backyard and create lasting memories.

51. Grilled to perfection Stone Counter Wedge Stackable

Source: fauxpanels.com

Create this stunning grilling surround using fake stone paneling. It'll look like a luxurious built-in stone counter. You can also add a granite countertop for an attractive and functional work surface that is next on your barbecue. This idea will surely be noticed. It's a fantastic decoration to your outdoor dining.

52. Uptown-Downtown DIY Patio Furniture

Source: placeofmytaste.com

Over time, cushions on patios get dull and even wear out. Refresh your old and worn patio cushions by putting on new cushions. You can pick an exciting and fashionable new fabric to make your project. It requires the basics of sewing to complete this project. You can save lots of dollars by reupholstering the cushions of your sofa instead of purchasing new cushions.

53. The sofa was repurposed "Living Room" Patio Sofa

Source: homemade-modern.com

The minimalist outdoor sofa is the perfect addition to your backyard or patio. The sofa's base is made of wood but it's painted to appear like stone. It's a stylish sofa that is modernized. Select a black and gray paint cushions to create a chic appearance, or make it more stylish by painting it any color you want.

54. The Flowering Hen House Chicken Wire Display

Source: akadesign.ca

This diy vertical garden is constructed from chicken wire to add a fun playful and quirky accent. It's easy to make and will add a bit of green in any part in your yard. It's a fantastic alternative to traditional fencing for those who want to have a bit of privacy while you're outdoors. Put pretty flower pots up on the fence. It could also be an excellent vegetable garden for the kitchen.

56. Sardinian Stone & Wooden Slab Bench

Source: linapalandet.blogspot.com

A basic stone bench offers the perfect spot to sit and the perfect place to plant your favourite plants. The bench is anchored with oversized, plain stones with weathered edges, giving it the rustic appearance. You can add a plank on the top of the bench to create seating or shelves. You can fit with your paving stones, or make it stand out.

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